A specialist in custom-made pressure equipment

POMMEE has been active in the manufacture of metal boilers since 1924. Thanks to our core skills – such as curving, bending, welding and stripping – our offer includes the design, development and construction of custom-made boiler parts, both single and in small series. These pieces can be supplied in different materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

POMMEE products: everything for pressure equipment

POMMEE designs and manufactures tanks, mechanically welded parts and the piping required for storage and processing of pressurised fluids:

  • storage tanks and pressure vessels on a human scale: air separators, hydrophoric tanks, reactors, filters, etc. 
  • welded sets: dissolvers, drying hoods and powder feeders • piping and frames for these devices: vacuum units, ducts and steam collectors 
  • processing units for fluids on SKID (structure)

Our target sectors :

  • Chemical industry
  • Pump builders
  • Manufacturers of compressors
  • Builders of filters
  • Research centres
  • Nuclear and renewable energies
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas industry
  • Water treatment

Rest assured: POMMEE takes care of everything!

Pommee is equipped with the most advanced computer technology to design parts and carry out plans. We can also work from your own plans.

The main advantage of POMMEE

In order to provide you with the specific products you need, we draw on our design office. After a thorough analysis of the various technical and technological constraints, our engineers design the specially adapted parts which are then manufactured in our workshops.


The TECHNEM Group supplies complete fluid technology solutions: valves, tanks, piping, gas pressure-reducing and metering stations, etc.



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