POMMEE products: everything for pressure vessels

POMMEE designs and makes tanks and mechanically welded parts, as well as piping for pressurized fluid storage and processing:

  • human scale storage and pressure vessels: air separators, hydrophore tanks, reactors, filters, etc.
  • mechanically welded assemblies: dissolvers, drying hoods, powder metering hoppers
  • piping and frames for such equipment: vacuum systems, casings, steam drums
  • skid-mounted fluid processing units (structure)

Tanks with capacity from 0,5L to 20m3

Weight : 

  • 8T for tanks "steel"
  • 5T for tanks "stainless steel"

Maximum diameter : 3 m

Pressure : up to 100 bars


The TECHNEM Group supplies complete fluid technology solutions: valves, tanks, piping, gas pressure-reducing and metering stations, etc.



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