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The succession process in a family business: reflecting on challenges and opportunities

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The journey of a family-owned business is a unique tapestry woven with tradition, heritage, and responsibility. It's a path filled with challenges and exciting opportunities.

A legacy rooted in steel and stainless steel

Founded in 1924, Pommee has a rich history that spans nearly a century in the field of metallurgy and steel processing in Liège. From its humble beginnings as a family workshop, Pommee has evolved into a key player in the industry, contributing to shaping the steel landscape of the region.

Challenges in Family Business Succession

Succession in a family business comes with its unique set of challenges. The first challenge is to maintain the reputation and quality for which the company is known. At Pommee, we felt the weight of preserving this legacy by ensuring that every piece of steel we produce meets rigorous standards.

Another significant challenge lies in generational transition. Values, visions, and approaches can differ between generations, requiring open communication and a willingness to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

Seizing Opportunities

Yet, with these challenges come immense opportunities. In 2018, when Gregory Stocklin took over this family business, he had the opportunity to modernize operations, explore new markets, and implement technological innovations to remain competitive. Our passion for steel remained deeply rooted, but we combined it with a fresh vision and a commitment to sustainability.

This takeover had a clear objective of perpetuating the know-how and heritage of the local business. It also aimed to continue providing employment opportunities in the Liège region, reinforcing the commitment to the community.

Taking the reins of a family business is a demanding journey, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

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